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2020 Revelations - Sun on the Cross and the Turning of Ages

Journey with me in a craft fueled by astrotheology and sacred astronomy into the mysterious and magical sacred space of the most powerful alignment of our age.

Washington Deciphered

I must admit I remain absolutely astonished by the Light I have discovered in the shadows of D.C.’s art, architecture, mythology, astrology, geometry, and precise alignments to powerful stars…

Astronomy of Tropical Astrology

Let’s respond intelligently to rather than react defensively to or simply run away from rationalists’ claim that astrology is nonsense. In this video, I address the principal astronomical issues NASA uses in attempt to debunk astrology.

Circle, Crescent, and Cross

We’re taught that the Circle, Crescent, and Cross of the Planets represent Spirit, Soul, and Matter, but the transmission typically stops there. Blast off with shamanic StarryTeller Gemini Brett from a launch pad of Sacred Geometry to journey deeper into the space of these sacred shapes.

Wishes, Wounds & Wisdom of the Houses

Astrology is Nature. Our “language of the stars” is more about Earth than it is about the Heavens. The Directions, the Seasons and Signs, the Elements, and Temperaments are only born through the spin and orbit of the most important Planet, the one that we chose.


Aspects. Harmony. Music. Quadrivium. Sentience. Pythagoras.

An Eclipse StarryTelling

Original music by the great Marya Stark supports this modern StarryTelling of the greatest Eclipse story ever told. Rahu’s Revenge.

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Your kind donations fuel the cosmic craft... thank you!

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