My Approach

Here’s an 11 minute video where I express the ways I connect to the heavenly happenings.

Let’s tune in to the song of your soul…

Your StarryTeller

Every ship needs a captain. That’s you!

But every captain needs a celestial navigator and that’s me. When your travels take you far from land, my sky knowledge will help you stay true to course. And when the stars hide in the storm clouds, you can be confident that my keen intuition will help you steer safely home.

Your navigator will earn his keep during the idle times as a soulful storyteller and then as a compassionate strategist to help you work with the powerful responses conjured by the starrytelling. I will confirm the route you’ve chosen, help you at the helm when you feel off course, and empower you to weather the wildest waves with purpose and fascination.

Astrology is... not a way out. a way in. Let's begin.

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What Clients are saying...


It is a rare thing to sit with someone with as much passion, intelligence, and insight as Brett holds; and to have that given back to you in the form of a reading that is soulful and aligned is a blessing. A reading with Brett is akin to watching your soul path unfold in vivid color and with all the encouragement in the world that you can do what your soul came to do. A rare and beautiful blessing indeed.   


What Gemini Brett spun together was, for me, THE single most heart-stirring, revealing and transforming medicine I have ever heard anyone effortlessly pour forth. Its wide range pulled together all that my heart holds most dear – at the center, the love and reverence for the sacredness of Earth/Sky. That it came from the mouth of a man rooted tenderly in his heart dissolved in me the last scar traces of a distrust held deep in me since childhood. Grateful thanks to you, Gemini.


I was instantly impressed with Brett. Without ever having met face to face, his voice cut through the distance to create a connection and understanding on a deeper level.  The Astral-logical level.  I sit with the insights and ideas that were given to me over our sessions daily, crystalline reminders of the path that I am following and the goals that I am seeking.  There are depths Brett can see into and then weave into a tangible story that will leave you thinking, entertained and truly grateful for your time spent with him.

Your kind donations fuel the comic craft... thank you!